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Was tagged by picklelova to write a journal featuring my ten favorite things that start with the letter P!  This was a while ago; sorry for not finishing it sooner.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Panoply of Personal Preferences

1. Puzzles.  When I was a little kid I always loved jigsaws; now my favorite subjects are Math and Latin, and I like to think of them both like puzzles in that one has to put all the little pieces together to get the big picture.
2. "Psychiatrist," the game.  A very fun group activity in which the players assume different personae/"illnesses" and one player, who's gone out of the room while the others decide their strategy, tries to guess everyone's identity/"affliction."  Try it where everyone pretends to be the person to their left.
3. Paranormal investigation reality shows.  One in particular.  "Ghost Hunters" is the shit,, guys.  Check it out on the SciFi Channel.
4. The Petrelli Family.  Heroes, woot.  Mama Petrelli is beast, Arthur had a freakin awesome power, Nathan = "flying man!", Sylar/Gabriel is badass in the present and adorable in the future (even though he's not actually a Petrelli... whatever), and Milo Ventimiglia is HOT.  Claire is the exception; I hate Claire.
5. Mr. Perez.  "If you're selling some shoe..." "Damn straight."  "Like, the devil is inherently evil."  "Marxism sucks, and this thing's cool."  "Hitler, Stalin:  What's the difference?"  "Did I give you credit for that?"  "South America's all the same: of course."  "You scared the shit out of me."  "Shut up!"  "Did you study at all?"  "That's alright, dude."  "Next week I'm gonna have you do presentations ... on ... stuff."  "This is Scandinavia.  It's full of white people."  "That's why they have different names."  "I would never wear that jacket."  "Now you can read the paper and understand it!"  *"whatever" hands*  "You wake up in the morning, it's like, 'What?!'"  And say, you know, if the communists... if the communists were to, you know, tell the west that they should like... Well (draws question mark on the board) KNOW THIS.
6. Putin.  He does judo!  And he got a tiger cub for his birthday present!  And he did a topless photo shoot for publicity!  lololol.  Last month there was a huge photomosaic of him on the wall in school (one big Putin-face made up of many many little Putin-faces); and he greeted me with the same grim expression of resignation every morning.
7. Politics. HAHAHAHAHAHA---No.
8. Richard Powell.  He wrote this book called Whom the Gods Would Destroy and I read it this summer.  It's about this kid called Helios who grows up during and fights in the Trojan War.  It like historical/literary fiction... Helios meets like, Odysseus, and Achilles, and Aeneas, and all those people, and also it's really well written and just consumed all my attention.  Powell's not my favorite author, but I think he's my favorite author whose name starts with P.
9. Plastic wrap.  Saran Wrap is the greatest thing ever devised by man.  You can put a sandwich in it. You can look through it. You can touch it. You can put it over your face and you can fool around and everything. It's so good and cute. You can wrap it up. I love it. You can put three olives in it and make a
little one. You can put 10 sandwiches in it and make a big Saran Wrap. Whatever you want. It clings and sticks. It's great. You can look right through it!
10. Parfait!  Everybody likes parfait.


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Allodoxaphobic Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
OMG. I freakin' LOVE your personal preferences list. <3 esp 5 and 6 xDDD
Biscuitnapper Featured By Owner May 16, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Found you through your Kate Beaton fanart and I just love your work here. It's humorous and well drawn and well... everything.
thatRandomer Featured By Owner May 16, 2009
wow, thanks! i've watched you too: you draw with such interesting lines.
picklelova Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2009
Look what I got: [link] :aww:
AvalonStarlight Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2009
Lovely gallery!! <3
thatRandomer Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
one of the best crossovers ever.
picklelova Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009
[link] :D It makes up for a serious loss.
thatRandomer Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009
picklelova Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009

I actually burst out laughing :lmao:
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